Totally 12 Volt 12 volt Mate

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  • Totally 12 Volt 12 volt Mate
Totally 12 Volt 12 volt Mate Totally 12 Volt 12 volt Mate - Sloop Imports

Totally 12 Volt 12 volt Mate

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The 12 VOLT MATE is a handcrafted portable dual battery system designed to be tough and versatile. It features the Australian made REDARC BCDC1225D which is suitable for all makes of vehicles.  The 12 VOLT mate is different from other portable battery units on the market as it is designed to be a “Dual Battery System” rather than just a portable power source. The internal Dual Battery Controller “Redarc BCDC1225D” is like having a multi stage mains power charger but utilizing your vehicle charging system to reach that desired battery charge of 100%. This is not achievable with standard dual battery isolators.

The 12 VOLT MATE is constructed from sleek aluminium housing coated in a durable powder coated finish. It features stainless steel hardware and weather proof components.

The 12 VOLT MATE is ideal for Tradesman, avid campers or even for the family SUV to run portable fridges camp lighting ect. 



On the front of the 12 VOLT MATE you will find two 12 Volt Sockets, dual 2.1A USB ports, voltmeter, battery master switch, solar input Anderson plug and AUX power out Anderson plug.

All Sockets are protected by an internal 20A fuse.

REDARC BCDC1225D is protected internally by a 50A Midi fuse.

You can charge your 12 VOLT MATE with a main power charger via the AUX Power Anderson. Maximum of a 15Amp charger is recommended. 

The battery master switch will isolate all sockets.

Side handles can be used to secure the 12 VOLT MATE in place.




Outside: 300 (H) x 405 (L) x 230 (W)

Battery Space: 122 (H) x 330 (L) 175 (W) 

This will fit up to a typical 120-140ah, sized group 30 battery. 

Weight: 6.3KG


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