Cruisemaster CRS2

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In Stock Units Sale Price: $1,485

Introducing Cruisemaster CRS2… The Next Generation of Country Road Suspension

The CRS semi-off-road suspension system quickly became the preferred system for those looking for the quality of an independent arm suspension without the purpose or extra weight of a full off-road system. The CRS2 takes the learnings form the previous generation CRS and improves upon the system. The CRS2 has been developed by our in-house engineering team based on in house findings and customer feedback. Over the past 12 months it has been tested both through our gruelling real world R.A.T. Run program as well as our newly developed on site corrugation machine.

Key Improvements:

  • Lighter: CRS2 removes the need for the cross member usually required for shock mounts greatly reducing the weight associated with traditional install.
  • Stronger: CRS2 now offers greater load capacities with a 2.5T ATM single or 3.5T ATM tandem.
  • Easier to Install: New mount designs give greater ease in installation, saving time and money in the build process.
  • Cable Management: Protect your cables from the environment with the integrated cable management system keeping things tidy and out of harm’s way.
  • Protected Grease Nipples: Part of the CRS2 redesign was to add greater protection to arms grease nipple. The positioning has been moves to the protected part of the arm to greatly reduce the chance of rock damage.
  • Round Bush Technology: Cruisemaster’s™ round bush technology has now been integrated to the CRS with a round hinge replacing the previous square hinge and bushes.
  • Lower Jacking Point: Some real-world feedback received was around the jacking point being too high for easy use. The jacking point is now lower increasing ease of use for the end user.

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