We Pride Ourselves on Providing Premium Quality Australian Made Offroad Products.

Providing high quality offroad products is our passion! Our lead fabricators and designers have over 35 years combined metal engineering experience. We have a flare for design and an eye for detail. We are confident that we can provide you with some of the highest quality overland products on the Australian Market.


Why Certified Australian Made?


All our products are proudly Certified Australian Made. We are passionate about supporting Australian Made products and the flow on effect that is created. Buying Australian Made boosts local communities, it creates employment opportunities for young Australians and it stimulates not just the local economy but the greater Australian economy.


Another great reason to support Australian Made is that the quality control of products manufactured onshore is higher. Items are built on supply and demand schedule, not mass produced. More than likely the person who sells you the product may also be the same person who manufactures the item or owns the business. The process is more personal. We rely on other local Australian Manufactures for our components, and where possible we will always purchase Australian Made steel.


Is it more expensive? Yes it is, but it is a far superior product. When we have access to these quality materials within our country why wouldn’t you want to use them? We are firm believers that you will always get what you pay for when it comes to cheap import products.

Our Roof Top Tents


The idea for our Roof Top tents first came up in around 2016. We started working with our canvas supplier to try and develop a hard shell aluminium design that we could introduce to the Australian market. We wanted a tough tent, a tent that would withstand all climatic environments. A tent that was visually stylish outside and was luxurious on the inside.


The first prototype of this tent was manufactured in January 2018. The tents were released to the Australian Market at the Brisbane 4×4 show in March 2018. The tents were then released to the international market at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff Arizona with Sloop Imports in May 2018.


-Camp King Industries

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